Update: Peter Molyneux’s Twitter Was Apparently Hacked

UPDATE: It appears Peter Molyneux isn’t retiring after all, but instead had his Twitter account hacked, in spite of what we reported when the tweets first went live.

After a series of tweets claiming he was retiring from the game industry and pulling Godus from the Steam store, the apparently-real Peter Molyneux followed up by saying his account had been hacked.

Molyneux wrote the give-away was the previous 3 tweets were bereft of spelling errors. The tweets are, at this time, still on Molyneux’s timeline.

Those tweets essentially said Godus was being pulled down, Molyneux was retiring, and his biggest regret was Fable 3. We reported those tweets as though they had been made by the actual Peter Molyneux, which now appears not to be the case.

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