The Massive Armies of Ashes of the Singularity

If you’re an RTS veteran, you’ve heard the promise Ashes of the Singularity makes – that you can command hundreds, or even thousands of unit – and you’ve heard it enough times to know that it often winds up being untrue, or simply unfun. I haven’t actually played it yet to know whether it will actually be a good time, but I can say that thanks to a handful of smart design ideas, it looks like it has a real chance at delivering on the promise of making practical use of massive armadas.

Get a detailed breakdown of Ashes of the Singularity in the developer commentary above!

The Army tool is the primary reason for this. From a nicely zoomed out perspective, hundreds of units can be lassoed together and then thrown into an army in much the same way you’d ordinarily assign a control group in any other RTS. The difference is that Armies essentially behave like one unit, handling all necessary micromanagement on its own. Beam-equipped anti-armor units identify the nearest, lowest hit-point armored enemies and focus them down, more lightly armed units avoid targeting foes their weapons are ineffective against when there’s a better target available, and support units move to repair damaged allies anywhere in the army automatically, even if they’re outside their normal radius for doing so.

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