Rock Band 4 Leaderboards Being Reset Due to “Score Exploits”

Rock Band 4 players who held a legitimate high score in the music game are being given some tough news today, as Harmonix has announced plans to wipe the game’s leaderboards due to “score exploits.”

The leaderboards for every Rock Band 4 song are being reset in January as part of a wider update to the game, Harmonix said in a blog post. The developer explained that it feels your pain, but said this move was necessary for the betterment of the game.

“We know that many of you have worked hard to climb the leaderboards, and that wiping your scores sucks,” the developer said. “That said, these changes will ensure that in the future, you won’t be unseated from the top spot by someone using an exploit. And if we do discover an issue down the road, we can address it much more quickly and easily.”

Harmonix stressed that it’s only wiping scores that have been posted to Rock Band 4’s online leaderboards. All of your personal stats saved locally to your console are unaffected.

Rock Band 4’s January update will make adjustements to the game’s code that will allow Harmonix to address song-specific bugs in the future. That will mean, if other issues emerge down the road, the studio can make specific, targeted changes instead of tweaking songs en masse.

In addition to these changes, Rock Band 4’s January patch will introduce the ability for players to post scores from “Play a Show” mode to online leaderboards, just as they can with Quickplay scores.

“We know a lot of you have been citing this as the main reason you’ve been shying away from the new mode,” the developer said.

Finally, Harmonix teased that it is teaming up with an “amazing studio” for a set of in-game clothing based on one of their games. The developer previously partnered with Bethesda to bring Fallout 4-inspired outfits to the music game.

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