Rock Band 4 Adding These ’90s Grunge Songs Next Week

Fans of ’90s grunge music looking for new Rock Band 4 tracks to play are in luck. Harmonix has announced next week’s lineup of DLC songs, which include three from some of the biggest grunge bands of era.

Launching in the Rock Band Music Store for PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, January 19, will be the following songs:

  • “My Wave” — Soundgarden
  • “Wicked Garden” — Stone Temple Pilots
  • “Hunger Strike” — Temple of the Dog

They will be available for $2 each. Though they are connected by a common thread, a bundle will not be offered for these songs. You can watch the video above to see these songs in action or listen to them through the Spotify embed below.

As that awesome t-shirt says, “it doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this.”

The announcement of the DLC was made today on Harmonix’s blog. Rock Band fans may notice the announcement was made earlier than usual–that’s because of Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. US holiday.

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