Original Boba Fett Voice Actor Dies

Original Boba Fett voice actor Jason Wingreen, whose numerous other credits include The Twilight Zone and All in the Family, died in his Los Angeles home on Christmas Day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He was 95.

Wingreen also appeared in Archie Bunker’s Place and Seinfeld until his retirement in the 1990s. He also served in World War II.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wingreen auditioned for Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, a role that ultimately went to Frank Oz. Boba Fett, a masked character who was physically performed by Jeremy Bulloch, had four lines of dialogue in that movie.

Wingreen was not credited for his work–and it wasn’t even widely known that he did Boba Fett’s voicework until around the year 2000. The site reports that it didn’t sit well with Wingreen that he didn’t receive residuals for his performance, especially so because it’s his voice that was used for some Boba Fett action figures.

Head to The Hollywood Reporter to learn more about Wingreen’s life and accomplishments.

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