Minecraft Dev’s Xbox/PC Game Cobalt Gets Release Date

Cobalt, the side-scrolling game from independent developer Oxeye and published by Minecraft creator Mojang, now has a release date. Mojang has announced that the downloadable game will arrive on February 2 across Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam for Windows, priced at $20.

In development for years now, Cobalt was originally pegged to launch in October 2015. However, though it’s been “feature complete” since then, there were too many bugs and the game was delayed to February.

In addition, Mojang’s Owen Hill revealed Cobalt’s campaign should take you around eight hours to complete. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how you like to play. Additionally, Cobalt sports multiple local and online multiplayer modes, which may capture your attention beyond the eight-hour campaign.

Hill also confirmed that the PC version of Cobalt on Steam will support Steam Workshop. Using those tools, you’ll be able to build your own levels and share them.

Finally, everyone who bought the Cobalt alpha gets a free Steam code for the full game through their Mojang account. Hill said Mojang will talk more about how this works as the release date gets closer.

Cobalt was announced in 2011 for PC, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions revealed two years later. Versions of the game for PlayStation platforms have not been announced.

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