Here’s What Windows 95 Looks Like Booting Up on New Nintendo 3DS

The old is new again as Microsoft’s classic OS Windows 95 is apparently capable of running on a New Nintendo 3DS. user shutterbug2000 successfully got Windows 95 to boot up on Nintendo’s newest handheld, and posted a video to YouTube that shows off what it looks like.

Check it out below (via NeoGAF).

Other people in the forums say they were also able to boot up Windows 95 on their systems using homebrew processes. Note that this is not officially endorsed or supported by Nintendo.

The functionality of Windows 95 on New Nintendo 3DS appears to be limited to simply booting it up at this time. More details about how this was made possible are apparently coming later.

One forum member, retrorampage, is optimistic about the future potential.

“Assuming the mouse and keyboard can be implemented somehow, hopefully through a touch-screen virtual keyboard for typing, and the circle pad for mouse, what else could we do?” retrorampage said. “Does this have the capability of storing files at all through a virtual hard drive? is this capable of opening and running programs? Could it be possible to emulate a internet connection using your wi-fi? Or is Win3ds95 just doomed to being a cool distraction?

“Even with all of the limitations of Windows 95, it would still be the coolest thing ever to have a portable personal computer INSIDE my 3ds. I would pay money for that.”

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