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Top 10 Fallout 4 Graphics Mods

For decades, mods have granted PC gamers the freedom to tweak, change, and improve their experiences. Bethesda games in particular, with their massive worlds and wide breadth of things to do and see, are ripe for the modding.

From simple bug-fixes to a mod that changes all Deathclaws into killer Thomas the Tank Engines, almost anything you’d want (or didn’t know you’d want) in a game like Fallout 4 exists.

This particular list of Fallout 4 mods is a bit more grounded, focusing on making the Commonwealth even more beautiful without altering gameplay.

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No Man’s Sky UK Release Date Brought In Line With Rest of Europe

Good news for fans in the UK who are craving the release of No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky’s UK release date has been brought forward to August 10, meaning it now coincides with the rest of Europe. North America will still be getting it a day early on August 9. The change in release date is due to a new deal with retailers, rather than the game being finished sooner.

No Man’s Sky was recently delayed from its original June 21 release date. At the time, the UK was supposed to be getting the game on August 12.

“Thank you for your feedback, we’ve been working with retailers and #NoMansSky will now launch on Aug 10th, the same as other EU countries,” the PlayStation UK account tweeted earlier today.

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Metal Gear Pachinko the Target of YouTube Dislike Campaign

There’s a new Metal Gear game coming this year, but it’s probably not the one you want.

Metal Gear Pachinko was announced yesterday, but fans of the series aren’t happy. A few weeks after a mass YouTube dislike campaign targeted Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, now the Internet hive mind has turned its gaze to the Metal Gear Pachinko trailer.

At time of writing the trailer has nearly half a million views, and the like to dislike ratio is currently 895 to 27,945. You can expect it to get even worse as time goes on.

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