Under the Gender Select Male/Female or Enemy.

For NPC Characters pick one of the Male or Female Characters.
For enemies you decide to be a betrayer Enemy, then select Enemy.

NPC: Npc's will be the characters that will be roaming the map or own rooms..
the player will be able to talk to your character, so you can decide your own dialog or make up some
rpg quests if you want to be a quest giver. You will also be eligible to Partake in the Party of the
player and help him/her battle through the game.

Enemy: You will be considered the enemy of the player, you can decide to be a High Boss,
Mid Boss or Common Boss.


High Boss: Shows up during the game play now and then, not much footage however
will be one of the end bosses and will appear now and then throughout the game, rarely. around 5
visible battles and 3 cinematics.

Mid Boss: Isn't as big or badass looking, However! you will be shown a lot more
commonly than a high boss, but less commonly than a common boss. Footage: around 10 visible battles and
2 cinematics.

Common Boss: Isn't as badass as high or mid boss, but you will have much
more visible footage than everyone of the other bosses.. Your character will likely be in over 40 battles
and in every cinematic.

Write up a mini background story for your character, where you came from what made you etc,
it can be funny, unrealistic or realistic.. whatever floats your boat, there will be no complaints..
unless it involves nudity.

Write up dialog, you can decide to have your own dialog of things you say and how the player should react to it, no limits.. if you want to suddenly attack the player with a fart we can make it happen. 8o

|:p Finally, voice. The game needs voices.. this is one of those games that voices make’s it fun to have with.. record your own voice or a voice and if you wish, add some effects to it, some of the admins can help you out if you are struggling with that. The voice has to go with the dialog, and remember not to laugh at your own stuff. Try to be as serious as possible while acting out the voice.

Selecting a Male/Female:

You will need to look at all the images and think what will look best together and write it down as a list, which eyes,
which armor or clothing, which eyebrows etc. Also you can select the color of your hair.

Also note that you can have back hair and front hair together, or just back hair if you so desire..
Write them down which ones you want me to put together, to make your character.

For Male go here: Male Variables yes
For Female here: Female Variables yahoo
For Enemies here: Enemy Selection :)

Note* Some human enemies can also be a NPC. Another + for Common bosses.