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Fallout 4 Mod Support on Xbox Had ’50x’ More Traffic Than on PC

Bethesda launched mod support for Fallout 4 on Xbox One today and it’s been a massive success.

Mod support on Xbox One reportedly generated “50x” the traffic than the initial launch of PC mod support for Fallout 4, which went live in April. In the same Twitter post, Bethesda said the launch is “just the beginning,” and that the developer has “new features” and PlayStation 4 support “in the works.”

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Overwatch Player Reaches Level 100 One Week After Launch

It’s been just over a week since Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch, but one player has already reached level 100.

One player reached level 100 in Overwatch just one week after launch.

It took Twitch streamer FenderellaFK over 92 hours in-game to reach his goal. In an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit, the player noted he played around 13 hours each day since the game went live on May 23. Most of his time was spent using offensive hero Pharrah, whom he logged around 30 hours with.

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Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

When IGN first reviewed Dead Island back in 2011 we gave it a score of 8.0, for “great.” We had this to say about it:

“Dead Island probably won’t win any game of the year awards. It’s got visual bugs, the controls take a bit to feel normal, and the presentation in general isn’t up to snuff. But the game gets a lot right. There is a huge world to explore, thousands of zombies to kill, and tons of side quests to take. Here on the other side of a 25-hour playthrough – where I skipped a lot of side quests after Act 1 – I’m anxious to get back into Dead Island, and despite the game’s flaws, that’s not something I say often.”

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