Our Quests

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Quest: Talk to Khaleesi Icon

Quest: Talk to Khaleesi

Find and Talk to Khaleesi on Teamspeak, and try to guess how many children she has. If you get the answer correct you will gain a Super Special Award Achievement. Careful of her Dragons though!

How do I get this?

Manually awarded by admin

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Rare Event: RadioHog Icon

Rare Event: RadioHog

Listen to our Radio on 1/15/2016 at 8PM Zone +2, and listen for the hidden secret! Make sure you don't miss out on the Radio, you can tune in from our site, or follow our DJ on Air!

How do I get this?

Manually awarded by admin

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Quest: Forumer! Icon

Quest: Forumer!

Make your first Daily Topic & Reply to another's and get bonus free points from the Forum! Make sure to make good long posts, else you might actually even Lose Points!

How do I get this?

Create 1 new forum topic, Create 1 forum reply

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Quest: Browser! Icon

Quest: Browser!

Browse through our website and open a post or two and have a look at our announcements! Also remember to comment on one of the posts! (Non Forum Quest)

How do I get this?

Visit 1 Game, Add 1 comment

+1200 Points
The Adventure Begins! Icon

The Adventure Begins!

So.. you have completed the first quest.. sigh.. that took long enough! We desperately need you and your team to fight the battle, destroy the monsters.. save humanity.. *cough* Cliche as usual, but this has to be done regardless.. But to do all that, you first need to be a little more active in your Group/Clan/Guild. We really need as many people in your Guild as possible!! To help spread the word, give your group a image, Make an announcement board in your Hall, Reply to some of your Member's topics. Remember, you can be part of other Guilds too, and they too can be part of your Guild! Here at KGB, we are all family in the end after all.. But giving a mass announcement for everyone to do the quest, would be disastrous, as other quests needs to be completed too!

How do I get this?

Unlock achievement: Recruiter, Upload 1 new group avatar, Mark 1 topic as sticky, Create 1 group reply

Our Achievements

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New Member! Icon

New Member!

The website has a point system, meaning, the more time you spend on it and do things, the more points you gain! The more points you gain the cooler Achievements you Unlock.. So what's the point of it? Well it counts to your Teamspeak Profile! You will gain special tags and Icons from these rewards!

How do I get this?

Get this achievement for registering with us

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Recruiter Icon


Congratulations, you have unlocked the Recruiter Achievement, But don't feel TOOOOO good about yourself, you still have to get recruiters!

How do I get this?

Get this achievement for creating 1 new group