Month: May 2016

Nintendo x Vans Collection Launching This Week

Vans’ 8-bit inspired Nintendo collection will be available in the United States on June 3, and at international retailers “throughout the month.”

And it’s not only Nintendo shoes—Vans is releasing clothes, bags, backpacks, socks, and hats, too. For footwear, the Vans x Nintendo line is offering plenty of different options in a variety of styles. Its original lace-up low-tops feature two Super Mario Bros.–inspired prints, a Duck Hunt colorway, and a Donkey Kong option.

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Someone’s Made ‘Tinder for League of Legends Players’

Do you feel compelled to sub-divide humans in new and unintentionally euphemistic categories like “Top” or “Jungle”? Have you ever thought about specifically dating someone who plays a multi-billion dollar-grossing MOBA? Do you just want to find a teammate who won’t type exotic swear words at you from across the globe? There is now a salve for all of these chafing needs.

Unite LoL is a new, free and (currently) iOS-only app described by its creators as “Tinder for League”. Primarily sorting other registered players by location – ostensibly to help you find players in the same time zone – Unite will also let you search based on Summoner name, rank, preferred role types and more.

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Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Review

It’s not easy to capture lightning in a bottle once, let alone twice. Yet developer Vanillaware has managed to do exactly that. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is an absolutely amazing remake of their 2007 sidescrolling action RPG that recreates and enhances everything I adored about the original, while strengthening and expanding its combat and role-playing to create one of the best gameplay experiences I’ve had in a long time.

There’s a lot in Leifthrashir to celebrate, but at the very top of my long list is its super smooth 60-frames-per-second framerate. Leifthrasir runs like a dream, even when the screen is filled with angry fairy soldiers and fiery lizards. (The Vita version looks nearly as good and runs equally well.) It’s a massive improvement over the chuggy PlayStation 2 original, which screeched to a halt whenever multiple battle animations occurred. This near-perfect framerate also helps accentuate the already excellent mix of weapon attacks, special skills, and alchemic potions that work in tandem to absolutely wreck enemies on the battlefield.

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